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It has never been as flexible to take singing lessons as now! You sing whenever it suits you and you send your videos at your own pace, maximum 2 videos a month.
  • Make a video of yourself when you´re singing a song. It´s perfectly fine to use the camera on your phone or a computer. It´s ok to use  music in the background but make sure that your voice is being heard clearly.
  • Open up a browser on your unit and go to www.sprend.com.
  • Now you´re only four simple steps from sending your lesson to Sångfokus.engelskasprend
  • Within 5 workdays you will recieve an audio link with singing advice and exercises specially designed for you. Then you can start practicing and develop your voice!
Your video will be erased as soon as you´ve gotten the audio link. 


2 lessons: 58 Euros.

4 lessons: 110 Euros.

6 -12 lessons: 26 Euros per lesson.

You can use your lessons within 6 months from the date of your first sent video. You will get specific dates when these 6 months are paused due to holidays when you´ve registered.

You have to pay for your lessons before you send your first video.

Keep in mind that you can´t send more than 2 videos a month.

Unused lessons within these 6 months won´t be refunded.

Please try to make a video that is approximately three minutes long and send it to your own email using www.sprend.com before you sign up for videolessons. Did it go smoothly? Then your more than welcome to start!

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